The winning is done in arenas, but the journey to victory starts elsewhere: in the stable, during daily care for horses, mucking, feeding, grooming and practising. This would not be possible without a team working like a well-oiled machine where everyone has their irreplaceable role.

Our club’s success stems from a well balanced team of industrious and reliable people. Without them and their daily hard work, I could not focus a 100% on training horses and people and competing. It is a great feeling to be part of a team composed of such professionals.

Fotografie: Aneta


Aneta is a horsekeeper. It didn’t last longer than primary school to see what she would become; in the mornings, she would first ride her bike to feed the horses and only after that go to school. We noticed her pure talent a few years ago and are very happy to have her on the team. Reliable, meticulous, fast, ambitious – meet Aneta.

Fotografie: Honza


Honza is a horsekeeper who does the “heavy lifting” in the everyday life of a riding club. He has been around horses since he was small. Among other things, he was a member of mounted police for some time and worked in England. He was there when the club was founded as our first employee. Honza has a wonderful relationship with the horses, having gained full trust of literally all of them, including the most troublesome ones.

Fotografie: Kristina


Kristina is our youngest slovak member of the team. She has given everything in her life to be near horses and has been working with them for around 7 years. Together with Honza, she takes care of the stable and also helps out with the horses. She can also do minor veterinary interventions.

Fotografie: Tomáš


Tomas is the founder and co-owner of DS Pelikán. As a child, he did modern pentathlon and already back then horses were his greatest hobby. He would show his parents, who weren’t horse-people, sketches of a riding club, which he then actually built in 2011. His role is absolutely irreplaceable, from managing the entire sports season through buying and selling horses to truck driving.

Fotografie: Zdenka


Zdenka is the club manager, accountant and nanny for our children. Cherchez la femme. She is the only member of the team who would never think as a child that she would end up as a horse person. Despite having worked as a manager in animal husbandry, she did not come anywhere near a horse. In 2007, she got here as part-time help caring for our daughter. Since then, she has raised our second daughter as well and become the manager and accountant in charge. Without her knowledge, not a single leaf of hay moves.